Logistics Network Optimisation

We can help you optimise supply chains and achieve a highly agile network through logistics network design. Our seven-stage approach covers the end-to-end processes, from first principles to operational solution delivery. It encompasses the following – Discover, Visualise, Measure, Plan, Optimise, Transform and Execute.

A great first step on the journey to logistics maturity is to optimise your existing network. Logistics network design is a process of understanding, shaping and controlling transportation. At Flo, we work with you to help develop and educate your team and to implement a solution landscape that provides the ability to monitor, plan, optimise and continuously improve the network.

Logistics network optimisation tools and network planning capabilities can now be embedded into the supply chain systems landscape. This means you can assess and optimise the transportation network both before and after you implement a transport management system. Moreover, these tools and capabilities will enable you to shape and optimise the network to the fullest extent and obtain the maximum value from investments in logistics.

The primary outcome of logistics network optimisation is an optimal balance of supply chain resources and delivered service to customers. Typically this results in a 5% to 15% saving in total supply chain operating costs. Perhaps equally important is the gains in term of visibility, i.e. the ability to monitor and shape the network and embed a culture of continuous improvement.


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