Consulting & Advisory

We provide consulting and advisory services to help you and your team move forward with supply chain and logistics initiatives, and achieve world class performance.

Our dedicated supply chain specialists and change management experts have an average of 10 years experience working in some of the most complex global supply chains. With our advise and support companies are able to benchmark and improve performance, drive forward new programmes and ensure the right technologies are deployed to meet requirements.

Performance Consulting

    • Understand best practice and analyse performance
    • Identify improvement opportunities by reviewing internal systems
    • Implement KPIs to ensure ongoing progress
    • Reengineer processes to maximise efficiencies

Programme Consulting

    • Prepare a new project from design through to implementation
    • Optimise project delivery with the right skills and experience
    • Train your team on governance, cost and risk management

Technology Consulting

    • Quantify the benefits of in-house systems versus outsourced functions
    • Leverage best practice from procurement through to implementation and support
    • Harmonise your business objectives and technology strategies for continuous improvement

Our services can either be rolled-up into an all-encompassing long-term solution, or elements can be chosen in order to provide you with specialised support when necessary. Over the years, we have seen companies at various different stages of logistics maturity and have identified the following as our key consulting propositions:

Future Logistics Operating Model

Our 6Ps model of people, process, place, partners, platform and performance identifies a starting point for logistics optimisation and lets you leverage the most value from the best of modern logistics solutions

Logistics Systems Assessment / Business Case

Technology is vital to enabling logistics operations. We can provide invaluable insight into what would work for you, then model the financial return of any new system to ensure effective investments.

Logistics Network Optimisation

Utilise the data in your supply chain systems. We can visualise, plan, measure and optimise your network, identifying the optimal balance of customer service and cost to serve.

Logistics Transformation

Developing future strategies and systems enabled transformations is only the start of the journey. They need to be implemented. Moreover, the most successful initiatives are accompanied by the pragmatic operational changes that maximise value and drive logistics excellence.


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