To our valued customers and partners,

The rapid spread of COVID-19 continues to bring uncertainty and present challenges around the world.

Our first priority and focus is and has been to ensure our people are safe and healthy. In close cooperation with our clients, we have made adjustments in our ways of working where needed. These efforts are designed to ensure that remote working is feasible for all employees and to guarantee business continuity.

Whilst the current situation is having an incredible impact on all our lives, here at Flo Group we have been lucky enough to be well prepared to continue business as usual. For many years, we have embraced remote project and service delivery, as such we are equipped with the technologies, tools and processes to effectively continue business as usual.

Our implementation projects and managed services have continued in full operation by focusing on finding smart solutions and being prepared. Our team is ready.

Let’s stick together. Let’s work together. We are here to help where we can.

Stay safe and please be careful.

Michiel Keijzer

For more information, download our Remote Business Continuity Approach or Contact us below: