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Customer Case Study

Global mining company improves visibility, planning and execution processes with OTM


Assore, a mining company with 6,500 employees, marketing and exporting base minerals has facilities in the Northern Cape, Mpumalanga, and North West Provinces. The primary distribution focus is in Asia, however, global distribution spans across South Africa, North and South America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.


One of the bigger challenges that Assore faced was that its transport planning processes were mostly manual. Further challenges included a paper orientated system, which led to higher error rates; low visibility across its supply chain; and manual calculations and invoice creations. Ultimately, Assore lacked the control to drive improvement to processes.


The implementation of an Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) solution enabled Assore to solve some of these global challenges. OTM was implemented across Assore’s multi modes of transport including rail, road and sea. Flo delivered end-to-end implementation, which included order, planning, execution, reporting, and financials and provided integration with EBS application via SOA.


As a result of integrating an OTM solution, Assore was able to:

• Control its supply chain
• Record events at key points providing visibility
• Create documentation
• Demurrage
• Report
• Invoice