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Customer Case Study

5-10% cost savings & efficiencies for leading agricultural producer


CF Industries have acquired GrowHow, a leading agricultural fertilizer producer in the UK, with an annual revenue of £550 million. GrowHow engaged Flo to address issues with their legacy transportation systems, which were hampering their growth and leading to missed opportunities. They were further struggling with common industry problems of fuel price fluctuations, regulatory issues and driver ability.


• External factors: rising commodity prices, and regulations impacting transport capacity & driver availability
• Legacy TMS (Transport Management System) was outgrown & leading to missed opportunities
• Manual Integration


• Replaced the old TMS with the best-of-breed in the market: Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
• Created a standardised client implementation process that can be used to expedite on-boarding LSP customers
• End-to-end Order-to-Cash solution
• Complex planning and optimisation involving Pool Distribution and dedicated fleet as well as load consolidation across facilities and modes
• ERP & carrier connectivity enabled with Fusion
• Sourcing for historical shipment analysis and updated operational rates
• FTI for KPI’s, dashboards & drill- down from summary to transaction level


• Project cost savings of 5-10% Successful TMS architecture that allows for standardisation, efficiency, and productivity in future customer/internal business unit implementations
• Flexibility to provide a carrier neutral environment
• Increased visibility via customisable dashboards.
• Flo’s solution was scalable and could be deployed, revised, & evolve as the business grew.
• Efficient (timely and cost-effective) customer, carrier, and vendor on- boarding.