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Customer Case Study

How we helped an automotive manufacturer implement a transportation management system (TMS) to improve and optimise their spare parts export business.


Mazda started using TMS in 2011, they elected for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) for a pilot project to manage their inbound spare parts business. In 2013, Mazda engaged with Flo to implement OTM for their spare parts export business.


Mazda's key concern from this project was the strict management of time, cost and risk. They were happy with the results from OTM from the 2011 implementation but found the implementation team ran over on the first two and did not abide by concerns with the last. That was their primary reason for contracting Flo Group to lead the second TMS implementation.


Our solution included setting up a strong governance model, and a high level design, geared towards ensuring the individual phases of the OTM implementation program were aligned. We ensured alignment in terms of overall solution, future global deployment plans, logistics integration platform, and legacy transition.

Our team recommended using a phased approach for the OTM implementation that:

• Enabled solution-benefits to be realised as early as possible
• Allowed for stable situations during implementation
• Were delivered using scrum methodology and monthly sprints, demonstrating immediate progress to the client
• Allowed for fast re-prioritisation of requirements in case of unexpected delays

• We further allowed Mazda to leverage 'evolv' our unique set of tools


• We adhered and exceeded their OTOBOS principle; on time, on budget, on scope
• OTM went live and has delivered significant improvements across spare parts management
• They benefitted from streamlined and expedited master data and rate management
• Improved data loading, configuration and security for OTM