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World’s 2nd largest home appliance maker by market share, shipping 75,000 containers p/a and operating in over 150 countries. Electrolux sought out a comprehensive transportation management solution to replace a number of legacy solutions.

Standardised global transportation processes with Flo and Oracle Transportation Management


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Logistics Platform

Business Drivers / Challenges

  • Electrolux saw the need to standardise group logistics processes and move to a global solution for transportation
  • Required heavy integration with internal and external systems, including: SAP ERP, homegrown solutions, JDA and other legacy systems, as well as 3PL and carrier portal systems
  • Electrolux wanted to coordinate transport purchasing and rate negotiation to take advantage of economies of scale. To do so they required full visibility of all transportation activities, to replace manual planning & execution and to establish new distribution dynamics with more regional coordination


  • Implemented Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) for multi-model transportation covering the road, rail, ocean & air. Including management and planning across domestic & international, FTL, LTL, express, returns and home deliveries
  • Required a number of customisations to the solution, for example to:
    • allow splitting logic to overcome an ERP constraint where delivery cannot be in multiple parallel shipments
    • allow planning on production plan and execution when stock is available


  • Standardised processes, worldwide visibility, event management and on-time delivery
  • Reduced cost by increased filling rate & better carrier/equipment selection. Pure transport cost reduction through load consolidation and carrier, route and tariff optimisation
  • Provided easy access to group transportation contracts to secure best freight rates. Proactive visibility and control through event management
  • Higher efficiencies in supply chain planning through process automation and improved inventory management expenditures