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Flo are once again sponsoring the OTM SIG event in Philadelphia.

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary this summer, Flo Group has evolved to become a global partner for household names supporting their supply chain and logistic operations worldwide.

In that 10 years, we have led hundreds of systems implementations and established ourselves as a leading partner for Oracle’s Supply Chain solutions, especially when it comes to Oracle Transportation Management (OTM Cloud). We have led many of the most complex projects around the world, deploying on every continent and working with clients such as IKEA, DHL, Volvo, Stora Enso, UPM and many more.

As we have grown, our skills have intensified and diversified. We have adapted to the changes in the market and have established practices to best meet the needs of our clients.

We would like to make the OTM user community aware of some of those changes. Please come find us at Stand 18 at any time during the event to learn more.

Global Presence 

To support existing and new clients and the growth of the company, we have invested in offices geographically located to give us global coverage. We now operate group companies in the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, India and the Philippines.

Oracle WMS Cloud
Oracle Cloud WMS is a best-in-breed, fully functional, Cloud based warehouse management system. Partnering with LogFire prior to their acquisition by Oracle, gave us the opportunity to build on our existing warehouse management competence and WMS experience developing a global practice supporting Oracle WMS Cloud. We offer accelerator templates, best practice consulting and rapid implementation.

Global Application Managed Services 
OTM is the core of our services, with many of consultants over 15 years in the industry. Leveraging this to our client’s advantage has always been our aim. We are now able to provide flexible application managed services, fully enabled with guaranteed service levels, 24/7 and all year round. With a number of customers already opting to move support of their logistics systems Flo Group, we continue to strengthen and deepen the team and their skills.

Automated Testing
Testing can be a large part of the man hours required to implement a new solution or upgrade an old solution. A typical OTM implementation will have around 50 features, which even on a conservative estimation requires around 125 days of testing! We have developed a service that would dramatically reduce the time required for ongoing testing, whilst also improving the coverage and accuracy of tests. Talk to us at the event to discuss Automated Testing, when to and not to use it and whether we can help.

Data Management as a Service 
Data is the lifeblood of any system. Good data is an imperative to smooth running of the business and yet only “44% of companies trust their data to inform them to make good decisions1”. We developed the ‘evolv Platform’ a number of years ago including a Data Loader application to ease the data management burdens of OTM.

Building on the success of evolv, we are now providing a two-phase services that will enable your team with better data and free up their time. Phase 1 involves gathering, validation and mapping of data. Phase 2 will see the Flo team run and maintain high quality data, whilst also developing templates for efficiency gains, automating data processes and improving quality.

(Fix) Lexical Parameters Reporting in OTM 6.4 
Our team have become aware through recent projects that upgrading to OTM version 6.4 deprecates the use of Lexical Parameters for reporting. We know many OTM clients are using Lexical Parameters for flexible querying and filtering, and have developed an application to enable rapid re-configuration of reports reducing the required effort significantly.

1 https://www.edq.com/globalassets/white-papers/2017-global-data-management-benchmark-report.pdf