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Identify hidden benefits in your logistics network in just 6 weeks

with Flo IQ® from the Innovators of Transportation Orchestration

Do you find yourself trying to optimise logistics, asking questions like:

What if I swap a carrier?

What if I move my warehouse?

What if I change my routes?

Flo IQ allows you to model these scenarios and more to see the impact of changes

Benefits of Transportation Orchestration

Identify hidden benefits within your logistics network

Obtain highly accurate results based on your existing logistics network

Support business strategic and tactical planning decisions

Achieve quick win opportunities and justify a TMS business case

Flo IQ

Flo IQ allows you to identify hidden benefits within your traditional transportation operations whilst avoiding the need to takeover daily execution management. Through our approach, you can explore the optimal execution setup and strategy for your future transportation processes. 

Our Unique Approach

Identify hidden benefits in just 6 weeks 

We gather your existing data (through evolv®)

Run data in Flo IQ

Reveal the hidden benefits in your existing logistics network

Use proven results to support your decisions for next steps

Our multinational clients saw the hidden potential based on accurate results in their transportation network which helped them decide on the next steps to achieving logistics maturity.

Transform your proven results into reality

Implement change with TMS LightWith an additional 12 weeks, our compact benefit-focused solution allows you to improve your transportation planning, achieve the proven savings and gain control of your transportation costs.

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