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  • Supermarket retail chain, annual revenues USD $9+ BN
  • More than 218 stores served from 7 distribution centres (DCs)
  • 3,000 suppliers
  • 2,000 carriers
  • 2,250 shipment per week

Costs savings of 10% in labour and Increase in efficiency of 30%


Consulting and Advisory

Business Drivers / Challenges

  • Current Oracle solution based on outdated version leading to issues across the board 
  • Required a thorough analysis of their entire logistics solution as had been configured in Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
  • Notable inefficiencies on the dock scheduling process
  • Lack of internal proficiency in latest OTM version
  • Platform performance issues


  • Analysis of the OTM solution with recommendations
  • Upgraded to latest version (operation, planners, scheduling, merchandising, warehousing, retail locations, shippers, carriers)
  • Delivered a dock scheduling solution for seven DCs
  • Provided new environments (test and production)


  • Costs savings of 10% in labour and increase in efficiency of 30%
  • Dock scheduling solution enables management of 2,250 shipments per week (peak volume of 2,600).
  • Centralised approach to dock scheduling through a central call centre
  • Increase in efficiency managing dock scheduling process
  • Improved visibility, prioritising and scheduling of short lead time and critical shipments
  • Solution enables planners and carriers to work in a collaborative environment to reduce congestion in the yard