Flo Group is active in promoting logistics futures, trends and please see below for the latest news from Flo Group on our activities in the market.

Flo is a single global organisation with unique experience working within some of the world’s largest supply chains. Previously known as MavenWire in the regions, Flo brings the unification of the largest group of dedicated logistics specialists, leading business consultants and change management specialists in one entity. They have been delivering value to clients such as IKEA, Mazda, Lufthansa, Volvo, DHL and Kuehne and Nagel since 2007.

With companies now looking to further streamline processes, optimise costs and improve collaboration, transparency and visibility across the supply chain, Flo have stepped in to provide the range of services that join up disciplines and optimise the whole logistics function.

In launching the new brand, Barry Hayes, Executive Director said ‘Logistics Optimisation is what our customers are asking from us, and what their customers are demanding from them. With the development and introduction of a wider and more holistic approach to global logistics, we will deliver strategies and process improvement as well as enabling our customers logistics services with best of breed software applications. We are much better prepared to not only deliver bottom line cost savings but really drive top line business benefits.

Flo Group is a global logistics consultancy, employing more that 160 technical and functional logistics subject matter expert who work with organisations to define, plan and implement the solutions and roadmaps that drive logistics excellence.

Having completed another record year of consecutive growth posting results in excess of $26Million for the last financial year, this growth has enabled the investment in key areas that are fundamental to the expanded offering now provided by Flo – Business Consulting, Managed Services and investing in our team.

Jon Harvey, Executive Director, Flo Group said ‘We have just opened a state of the art centre of excellence in Pune, India enabling us to enhance our managed services. In Pune we support our clients in running their logistics applications and provide a shared service in technology solutions for logistics data management, integration and business intelligence. Through our Indian team we support implementations as well as clients enhancing their existing investments.

Flo Group is a global employee partnership – wholly owned by all of its employees. Duncan Ritchie, Chairman of Flo Trustees stated ‘ Our customers and partners often tell us… there’s something different about us. But if you try to define what that ‘difference’ might be, it’s not always instantly apparent. Is it the quality of our work? Is it down to our detailed specialist logistics knowledge? Perhaps it’s our innovation of solution? Or is it our award-winning service to our customers? Actually, it’s simpler than that. It’s our team. As co-owners they have a say in our business, so they put time and effort into making it work. And because they’re committed to making our customers happy, we are committed to making their work challenging and rewarding. It’s why our Team enjoys working here and why we’re the success we are. This culture will be preserved and enhanced at Flo.

About Flo: Flo is a 100% employee owned partnership whose team has been delivering value to clients with their unique Logistics focus since 2007.

For more information please contact Chris Turley +44 7469 854458 email: hello@flo-group.com and connect with us across social media.