Join us tomorrow at 1400 CET or 1300 CST to hear how Electrolux is using real-time transportation visibility to optimise supply chain operations.

Supply chains are looking for predictive and actionable insight into transportation activities to manage today’s challenges, yet it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Innovative companies like the leading global home appliance manufacturer Electrolux are optimising their supply chain by using real-time transportation visibility.

In this session, Electrolux, along with project44 and Flo Group, will share advice for results-driven visibility, discuss their journey with carrier connectivity, what real-time visibility really means for Electrolux and why it has become so critical for their modern supply chain.

Hear from our speakers:
Giuseppe De VincenziElectrolux
Michel Stekelenburgproject44
Raimond van KampenFlo Group

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