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Life at Flo is…

Dedicated, Efficient, Independent

– Annu Singh, Consultant


Title: Consultant

Joined Flo since: Sept 2012 – Feb 2021, rejoined since March 2021

Location: Sweden, India

Hobbies/Interest: Dancing, Cooking, Netflix

I’ve grown professionally multiple folds since joining Flo as I was just a fresher (9 months experienced) when I first joined. Almost ten years now with Flo, I have learnt a lot, and I am proud to have grown alongside the best OTM consultants in the field. I’ve worked on various projects with clients like DHL, Stora Enso, Assore etc.

Why did you join Flo? And rejoin?

I first joined as it was Mavenwire (now Flo) where the best OTM consultants work. 

I rejoined again as I missed the work culture and the people. Working at Flo is about independence to explore and learn but also teamwork, where everyone encourages each other and drive growth for you to grow and also has an important role in making a difference and accomplishing our wider mission together.

What do you like most about working with Flo?

I enjoy working at Flo because you’re surrounded with the best minds. Everyone is knowledgeable and dedicated about the work we do. Flo also has a good working culture built on teamwork, independence and trust. 

Could you share one of your highlights/most memorable moments during your time at Flo?

There are so many highlights and memorable moments from our Flo weekends. This is when the entire company from all over the world would travel to one destination to meet and have fun together. Other memorable moments include the appreciation received from colleagues and clients. You often feel acknowledged in the company which motivates me to keep going.

What makes Flo stand out in the industry?

The quality of Flo’s consultants are the best in the field. We are all passionate about our work and have extensive experience and diverse backgrounds. Being a part of Flo means you can learn from and grow with the best consultants and try to accomplish bigger together.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working here?

The team and the working culture of independence encourages you always explore and learn more to achieve the highest quality results together.

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Every day at Flo it is a journey where I learn new ways of improving my skills and apply industry best practice when it comes to Transportation Management and Project Management.

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Bogdan Balea

OTM Consultant

Flo stands out for having the knowledge and working with interesting clients – big names worldwide. But next to that, the Flo team is like a family. We share the knowledge, we share the fun and we take care of each other!

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Dik Groenewegen

Book Keeper

As a Solution Architect, my favourite part of the role is the start of an OTM implementation project when we try to get a good feel for the client’s requirements and how to translate this into a solution design that could really benefit the client.

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Jeroen Meijer

Solution Architect