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Life at Flo is…

Freedom to work and learn, Work life balance and Family

– Vishagan Ramaswamy, Senior Consultant


Title: Senior Consultant

Joined Flo since: 2012-2020, rejoined 2021 till date

Location: India 

Hobbies/Interest: Traveling, reading, watching movies, football

When I first joined Flo, I was surprised that colleagues do not judge you instantly. I realised it’s completely okay to say you don’t know something and reach out to experts to learn about it without being judged.

Why did you join Flo? And rejoin?

Flo is one of the industry leaders in the logistics domain, which provides an array of opportunities to expand your knowledge and interact with the best in business.

I rejoined because I missed the work culture, freedom of work & expression I enjoyed here.

What do you like most about working with Flo?

At Flo, it’s always working with the cognizance that You are the first manager for your tasks. When in need, there is a fantastic group of experts you can reach out to for assistance and help. The management and leadership at Flo are always reachable and trust you completely to make the right decisions and manage your work efficiently. In my experience, Flo provides the perfect work life balance which keeps you motivated at work and happy in your personal life. 

Could you share one of your highlights/most memorable moments during your time at Flo?

At Flo, we have the concept of company weekends, wherein the entire company from the top management to the newest recruit meet up for a long casual get-together weekend. We have driven Ferrari and Lamborghinis on racing tracks, sailing, lot of outdoor adventure activities as well.

What makes Flo stand out in the industry?

Having been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, for sure Flo has the best working culture. Once the culture is embedded in you, it’s the place you always want to work.

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Flo stands out for having the knowledge and working with interesting clients – big names worldwide. But next to that, the Flo team is like a family. We share the knowledge, we share the fun and we take care of each other!

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Dik Groenewegen

Book Keeper

As a Solution Architect, my favourite part of the role is the start of an OTM implementation project when we try to get a good feel for the client’s requirements and how to translate this into a solution design that could really benefit the client.

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Jeroen Meijer

Solution Architect

 Starting with a coffee every day, I prioritise the tasks to be done and arrange my time in a most efficient way. The work-life balance in Flo is never only a slogan but truly something that is in the Flo’s blood.

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Yufei Qi