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Life at Flo is…

Autonomy, Trust, Result-oriented

– Yufei Qi, Consultant


Title: Consultant

Joined Flo since: April 2021

Location: Nanjing, China

Hobbies/Interest: Photography, Reading, Travelling

I still feel lucky to have been Flo’s first employee in mainland China after almost a year. Starting with a coffee every day in my home office, I prioritise the tasks to be done within a day and arrange my time in a most efficient way. The work-life balance in Flo is never only a slogan but truly something that is in the Flo’s blood.

Why did you join Flo? 

I’ve heard Flo several years back when I was working for my previous employer, to whom it’s Flo deployed the TMS solution. The world of TMS is a niche one where Flo is playing the leader in the market and I’d like to expand my career vertically and prolong my specialty in OTM with Flo.

What do you like most about working with Flo?

The trust of autonomy and the transparency in work.

Could you share one of your highlights/most memorable moments during your time at Flo?

It’s unforgettable that I conducted a 7-hour online training constantly without my mother tongue to a client in Germany, when it turned out a success.

What makes Flo stand out in the industry?

People and product. With the people here in Flo who empower and accelerate the evolution of OTM/GTM, one of the most competitive products in transportation management in the world, Flo possesses the competence in the industry.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working here?

It really works even if you are working alone and never meet any colleagues face to face in one year, maybe even longer. It cultivates me to be more self-driven and result oriented.

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Flo stands out for having the knowledge and working with interesting clients – big names worldwide. But next to that, the Flo team is like a family. We share the knowledge, we share the fun and we take care of each other!

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Dik Groenewegen

Book Keeper

As a Solution Architect, my favourite part of the role is the start of an OTM implementation project when we try to get a good feel for the client’s requirements and how to translate this into a solution design that could really benefit the client.

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Jeroen Meijer

Solution Architect

When I first joined Flo, I was surprised that colleagues do not judge you instantly. I realised it’s completely okay to say you don’t know something and reach out to experts to learn about it without being judged.

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Vishi Ramaswamy

Senior Consultant