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Our Client, the Logistics Authority for the UK Ministry of Defence, had a requirement to understand the potential benefits available through digitisation of supply chain operations as part of the UK Government’s digitisation agenda.

Through in-depth and cross-operational analysis, our logistics consultants identified and quantified how digitisation could benefit the Ministry of Defence’s logistics and supply chain operations

Consulting and Advisory

Business Drivers

  • To understand how digitisation could help such a vast and diverse supply chain across all its equipment and material services in the UK and overseas
  • To consider how industry best practices would apply
  • To improve Defence logistics policy companies and the effectiveness and efficiency of resulting operations 


  • Researched the market, industry standard solutions and supply chain digital products
  • Identified key and marginal areas within the MoD supply chain where digital solutions would add value
  • Provided advice and guidance on the benefits, challenges and risks of digital solutions
  • Demonstrated where industry best practice could be utilised to maximise potential ROI 


  • Identify and quantify the benefits of digitising both logistics policy and Defence logistics transactional processes
  • Determine the supply chain risks and challenges documented from implementing digital solutions
  • Identify where greatest Defence logistics effectiveness and efficiency improvements could be achieved
  • Prioritise the digitisation of logistics policy as an enabler to then apply best of breed technologies in system directed transactions in logistics