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On the 21st March we had a meeting in Amsterdam with almost the complete European Oracle Pre-sales team to align on our Flo Cloud template and how to tackle future combined sales opportunities.

We started with an introduction round and provided an update on the current Flo organisation.Then, we presented our Flo Cloud Template. Explained the need to be already involved in the sales phase to align with the customer on the potential solution and map the customer requirements to our Flo Cloud Template. This enables us to split the needed OTM functionalities into: Core (base OTM functionalities), Add-ons (Additional pre-defined modules) and Extras (More Complex / tailored solutions) which we can use to estimate the required Effort and timelines. After this we explained our OTM delivery and deployment method and showed our working Core cloud template demo in our Flo OTM cloud environment.

During and after these presentations we discussed how we could prevent our OTM implantation presentation and their OTM sales presentation to contradict each other but instead enforce each other. Meeting was really positive and both sides agreed to intensify our cooperation and Oracle pre-sales even suggested to use our Flo environments and our template to be used as base in our combined presentations.