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Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

OTM is designed to support any transportation needs and highly complex requirements globally. Gartner’s leading transportation management system, it enables companies to manage their transportation networks globally, minimise freight costs, optimise on-time delivery service levels, support sustainability initiatives, and create flexible transportation business processes within their supply chain networks.

OTM First

OTM First is our accelerated implementation approach. Based on extensive experience, it combines our OTM solution template with a structured implementation track to deliver OTM in a module, agile and fast way aligned to business and project goals.

OTM First contains a baseline, or core, solution:
  • Core: Key OTM functionalities from Order to Settle
  • Add-ons: Additional pre-defined modules
  • Extras: More complex / tailored solutions

Example – Add-Ons and Extras are based on client requirements

OTM First Benefits

Fast OTM implementation based on a Global Design

Cost efficient

Allows for phased approach and faster ROI

Pre-built integrations for Oracle EBS, SAP ERP and others

Some of Our Clients


Get the most out of your investment in technology

Enhancing user experience for OTM customers worldwide

Our evolv Applications act to drastically improve data management, configuration and security for Oracle Transportation Management users. Available on a modular basis, evolv reduces the time spent on data collection, processing and administration.

Expert Automated Test Service

System testing typically accounts for a high % of IT resource time spent. Reduce the time and cost through automation. The answer could be automated testing and Flo Automated Test Services (FloATS).