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On the 15-16 November 2018, Flo Group has participated in the quality of gold sponsor to the OTM User Conference APAC in Singapore. This event represents the fifth Conference in APAC to better serve the region in the OTM’s ecosystem.

On the second day of the conference, our Flo team talked about “Freight Exchange for complex 3PL and 4PL”. 

Mandar Joshi and Jaldhi Mehtapresented the design for the use of ‘Own Fleet’ assets, that prioritise of our network resource pools over external carrier resources. 

This design offers the advantage to gain further efficiencies via the freight exchange, enabling cross divisional collaboration and further internalisation and prioritising.

The event was designed to bring together users and potential users of the OTM software to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. From a dozen countries, key representatives from OTM Strategy and Development attended this conference.