Automated Testing

With the natural pressures on people, time and cost across industries, system implementations must continually strive to make savings. This invariably impacts quality across the most crucial of areas, testing. Testing is the gatekeeper to a solid reliable system.

The importance of testing at various stages of a systems lifecycle cannot be understated and companies neglect it at their risk. This is why in a typical implementation, testing will account for well over 50% of the total hours allocated, in many cases as much as 70%.

Through automated testing, we are able to ensure consistency and accuracy while reducing cost and effort. Test results will be analysed by dedicated test experts. Reports will be provided to indicate all problems that exist with the tested system. Any defects will then simply be imported into defect tracking tools for effective management and control.

Through the creation of a script library, we can significantly reduce the risk associated with system upgrades or enhancements. Automated testing gives the ability to run regression test packs quickly and efficiently, proving that key business functions, user interfaces and critical system components are unaffected by any changes that have been applied.

Once scripted, tests are easily maintained, data is parameter driven, and all tests can be run in isolation or as part of a sequence proving one or more components of a system still meet the production requirements. Multiple systems can be tested alongside each other providing an end to end test service and validating integrations.

Flo Automated Test Services, or FLOATS, meets industry best practice and enables effective quality control of a solution while maintaining adherence to standards. For more information download our white paper here.


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