Logistics Fulfilment

Logistics fulfilment covers a broad range of disciplines that together form the customer-driven processes from order through to delivery. Our integrated and transformational approach helps companies improve the efficiency of the complete function.

We are able analyse each aspect from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective. By looking at the end-to-end processes we identify areas for concern and then design and implement the right solution for you and your customers. Our approach provides the intelligence needed to optimise the tradeoffs between optimal service and the cost of providing that service.

Typically we would work with your suppliers, distributors, IT & finance departments, transport and warehouse management teams on areas like the below:

    • Logistics network optimisation
    • Omni-channel retail
    • Inventory management
    • Visibility
    • Forecasting
    • Cost-to-serve
    • Supply chain collaboration
    • Analytics and intelligence

Logistics platform | Supply chain specialists

Our logistics platform supports and integrates all elements of a logistics function, providing a single viewpoint that facilitates the effective management of all the individual applications. Leveraging this we have helped clients achieve:

    • Reduced costs – 5-15% of total supply chain costs
    • Integrated supply chains – new levels of visibility, transparency and collaboration
    • Business growth – improved customer retention, lower cost of ownership and higher margins
    • Improved service levels – more rigorous controls around the supply chain


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