Warehouse Management

Warehouses can no longer be considered as static storage locations, they need to be integrated with the wider supply chain. Our experts take a holistic view when improving global warehouse efficiency, we focus on processes and transformation through warehouse management systems implementation.

We consider the following key areas that will improve customer service levels and help drive business performance:

  • Processes and Techniques – taking consideration of best practice and specific requirements we are able to assess areas such as cross docking, postponement, omni-channel retail, transaction interleaving and returns management
  • Systems – an important part of any warehouse optimisation strategy is systems and our teams combined experience along with practical approach can help with the selection process
  • Flow of Goods – consider taking a snapshot of your network to better understand the flow of goods and stock between locations. This level of visibility will provide for better decision making, improve inventory management
  • Staff Utilisation – despite advancements in warehouse technologies internal activities are still largely manual. Improve staff utilisation to see positive returns across throughput and reduced cost per case shipped
  • Analytics – benchmark current performance against industry standards and set key warehouse metrics with our warehouse performance survey

Warehouse Performance Survey

Our Warehouse Performance Survey (WPS) solution is fine tuned to maximise the performance of your existing warehouse. Supply chain leaders will benefit from a clearly defined roadmap that identifies the associated costs and benefits of a number of warehouse initiatives, it includes:

  • Review of processes and technologies
  • KPIs
  • Best practice analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Plan for improvement
  • ROI mapping

Flo Group’s team of experienced consultants apply their knowledge in a practical and pragmatic way. They provide guidance on how to improve operations or redesign and configure the warehouse management for new functions such as multi-channel fulfilment or even new site implementations.


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