The retail industry is continuing through a period of rapid change.  Online retailing is at a record level and growing fast, omni-channel fulfilment is the norm and the historic patterns of seasons and sales are being replaced by new paradigms of targeted marketing campaigns.  New methods of demand sensing, big data analytics and machine learning are being applied to increase the speed of response to these rapidly changing demand patterns.  Retailers are increasing levels of co-operation and information sharing across the extended supply chain so that unadulterated demand signals can be shared in cross-enterprise planning and fulfilment processes.

Flo Group works with some of the world’s largest retailers to anticipate and respond to this rapidly changing landscape:

  • Development of the Future Logistics Operating Model for retailers using our innovative 6Ps approach
  • Design of dynamic, low fixed cost networks to increase retailer agility
  • Retail supply chain performance analysis and improvement
  • Retailer thought leadership from our logistics innovations practice
  • 21st century retail chain – technology enabled transformation
  • Delivery of best in market retail logistics solutions in transportation and warehousing

Our team works with leading retailers to provide exceptional levels of innovation with full delivery life cycle capabilities and through life support for the solutions we recommend.