Logistics Platform

Flo utilises a technology framework in order to support existing logistics and supply chain functions.  Our logistics platform helps to drive the most value from your logistics function by taking a holistic view of all affected systems and processes and managing them through one technology platform

Using one, all-encompassing platform speeds up system integration, reduces risk and improves efficiency.

Flo’s technology platform delivers a higher return on investment when it is used to integrate all existing logistics-related systems.  Our logistics platform is commonly used to integrate back-office functions, customer management functions and logistics functions into a single, comprehensive viewpoint.

In order to maximise efficiency and increase return on investment, our experts will take a 360o view of your requirements:

  • How have these functions worked together previously?
  • How do they currently work?
  • How do you need them to work together in the future?

We will then build a platform that provides you with a comprehensive solution.  Typically our solutions have the capability to deliver in-depth, valuable MI.

We take an agile approach to implementation to reduce risk and accelerate delivery; engaging with teams and stakeholders to ensure fit-for-purpose.

Whilst we are often asked to use technology to fix problems that already exist, we can also look at the requirements upfront –particularly when considering all integration requirements.  However we are engaged, our clients know that we effectively manage our projects and take full ownership of the solution – right through to delivery.  Providing you with the peace of mind and return on investment.


The dashboard provides a single viewpoint of how your logistics operation is performing


The technology platform supports the efficient management of all business processes associated with the logistics function – from order management to delivery.

Partner Connectivity

Connecting all trading partners, suppliers, distributors and even customers together, using one system to increase visibility across all transactions.

Analytics & BI

The platform pulls key data and information from all aspects of the logistics function, making it easier for monitoring, manipulating and processing.

Supply Chain Integration

Taking a holistic view of the supply chain – ensuring that all aspects are accounted for and appropriately managed, from manufacturing to end user consumption.

Master Data

The platform can act as a central repository for key data, allowing other systems to feed off the information and provide updates.


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