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Based on extensive experience, our accelerators include master data management tools and services, automated testing, integration and Cloud enhancement platforms. All of which combine to deliver an augmented user experience for the solutions we implement.

Our team understand logistics technologies. Having worked within many environments they are able to provide rapid analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of particular systems, as well as competitor analysis and deployment examples. Understand a system is just the start.

As part of a logistics transformation programme we provide analysis on the current alignment between business and IT/ technology. By focusing on the business process and operational changes that would maximise returns, we can identify areas where synergy would bring rapid ROI and start to map a path to continuous improvement.

Accelerator Tools

The importance of systems testing cannot be understated, in a typical implementation it will account to 50-70% of the total hours allocated. The future is automation. Combining best-in-class tools and deep functional / technical knowledge, FLOATS or Flo Automated Test Services will ensure the consistency and accuracy of testing while reducing cost and effort. 

Our evolv Applications act to drastically improve data management, configuration and security for Oracle Transportation Management users. Available on a modular basis, evolv reduces the time spent on data collection, processing and administration.