‘Delivery’ was the point of focus at Gartner’s Supply Chain Conference in London this year, with ‘logistics’ being seen as the leader for the next 10 years. There were more than 50 analyst-led sessions and a lot of thought-provoking discussion around creating, sustaining, transforming supply chains and shaping the future.

Some key insights from the event:

  • Gartner emphasised the need for organisations to consider objective independent consulting around Supply Chain and Logistics that might not be available in existing suppliers;
  • A challenge to 4PL services – they are being overtaken by technology providers – taken in-house, whilst being able to provide full visibility and retain full value;
  • A new need for logistics ownership as new regulatory control requires global trade compliance and logistics visibility in the pharmaceutical industry

For companies looking to transform their logistics supply chain, this event provided a valuable insight. For the last two years, ‘enabling growth’ has been the top priority in companies’ supply chains – and this year – we see the priority now shifts to enabling business process transformation, starting with logistics as an enabler.

It is clear that leading companies are those that have best practice logistics solutions instead of a single solution. They are the ones that recognise that to enable supporting multiple geographical locations, markets and products, they must have a single platform, not simply a single model.