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Automated Testing for OTM updates: 

How Univar are using FloATS® for fast, effective regression testing 

25th March 2022

FloATS®, or Flo Automated Test Services, significantly reduces test effort providing fast and consistent regression testing for OTM solutions. One key advantage of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud is the regular and rich feature enhancements provided through the quarterly upgrade cycle. To ensure confidence in your OTM existing solution, and so you able to take advantage of the latest and greatest of OTM, regression testing is necessary to understand the impact of changes. This session explores how Univar Solutions, a global chemicals and ingredients supplier, are using FloATS® to detect issues and spot opportunities in each quarterly release.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dave Edge, Head of Global Transport, Univar Solutions
  • Chris Turley, Commercial Lead, Flo Group
  • Kelvin Childs, Senior Consultant, Flo Group