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Based on extensive experience, our accelerators include master data management tools and services, automated testing, integration and Cloud enhancement platforms. All of which combine to deliver an augmented user experience for the solutions we implement.

Get the most out of your investment in technology

Our team understand logistics technologies. Having worked within many environments they are able to provide rapid analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of particular systems, as well as competitor analysis and deployment examples. Understand a system is just the start.

As part of a logistics transformation programme we provide analysis on the current alignment between business and IT technology. By focusing on the business process and operational changes that would maximise returns, we can identify areas where synergy would bring rapid ROI and start to map a path to continuous improvement.

OTM First

OTM First is our accelerated implementation approach. Based on extensive experience, it combines our OTM solution template with a structured implementation track to deliver OTM in a module, agile and fast way aligned to business and project goals.

Enhancing user experience for OTM customers worldwide

Our evolv Applications act to drastically improve data management, configuration and security for Oracle Transportation Management users. Available on a modular basis, evolv reduces the time spent on data collection, processing and administration.

Expert Automated Test Service

System testing typically accounts for a high % of IT resource time spent. Reduce the time and cost through automation. The answer could be automated testing and Flo Automated Test Services (FloATS).

Our Services


Evaluate your supply chain and achieve world class performance

We understand supply chains. Our 6Ps model (People, Process, Place, Partners, Platform and Performance) identifies the starting point for transformation, helping you drive towards optimised performance and leverage the most value from modern technologies.


Identify hidden benefits within your logistics network

Flo IQ, our Identify and Quantify Accelerator, enables you to perform detailed what-if scenario modelling to discover quick wins and the hidden benefits within your operations whilst quantifying the business case for change.


Maximise the business benefit of your supply chain transformations

Our approach to business change underlies our success. Considering pre-project, project and post-project factors, and addressing impact, we guarantee project delivery and maximise benefits.


Going beyond systems implementation to ensure you get the right solution

We bring the right mix of technical, functional and solution integration expertise to deliver your solution.  Our team work with you to understand your business, processes and system requirements identifying the drivers for success. We are delivering projects of all sizes across all continents.


Focus on running your business rather than maintaining applications

Flo bring together a dedicated support team, unique tooling and service expertise to provide carefree solutions. It includes comprehensive 24/7 application support / managed services, system-ready master data, simplified data and configuration management and automated testing.


Get the most out of your investment in technology

Our accelerators help you maximise ROI enabling faster go-lives and streamlining ongoing processes. Based on experience, we provide solution templates, as well as tools and services for master data management, configuration management and automated testing.