Our modular evolv Applications act to improve the experience for Oracle Transportation Management users. evolv reduces the time spent on data management, processing and general administration.

evolv Applications | Introduction

evolv Data Loader

Data Loader provides a central repository for your master data, allowing you to audit any TMS data changes.  Its download facility utilises Microsoft Excel – providing you with greater visibility and the ability to process and share data amongst different systems for reporting and analytical purposes.

Using this application, data can be uploaded back into the system – saving time and resource during the initial set-up and on a continual basis.

evolv User Access Manager

This module manages all user set-up related tasks.  Providing a single control point for user management it enhances security whilst reducing user administration.

evolv Configuration Manager

Easily transfer data and configuration between TMS environments. For example – moving your master data to a test environment whilst testing within a controlled environment.

evolv Archiver

Archive data and electronic media across multiple applications to a central repository.  Reduces administration and storage costs. 

evolv Cleaner

Manages the removal of duplicate and unwanted data based on a defined set of parameters.  Reduces the need for system down-time and increases the performance of the system.

evolv Applications drive more value from a transportation management system (TMS), through improving visibility of transactions, highlighting areas of concern and reducing administration

Key benefits of evolv:


Choose only the modules that are required


Secure access from any location without the need for additional software


Reduce reliance on highly skilled resources


Automate processes, functions and reporting from a central hub 


Audit trail provides compliant data for reporting and governance


Get the most out of your investment in technology

OTM First

OTM First is our accelerated implementation approach. Based on extensive experience, it combines our OTM solution template with a structured implementation track to deliver OTM in a module, agile and fast way aligned to business and project goals.

Reducing time and cost of testing through automation

System testing typically accounts for a large proportion of IT resource time spent. The answer could be automated testing and Flo Automated Test Services (FloATS). Through Automation the time and cost of testing is reduced, whilst also ensuring consistency and accuracy.